Are you moving into or out of Bridge Point?  To help you prepare here are some pointers to make the move go smoothly and ensure that neither the complex is damaged nor residents inconvenienced.  

1. To find out about Bridge Point facilities and amenities, please contact the Body Corporate Managers, Signature Strata.

2. You are requested to use Bridge Point’s lift protective curtains to prevent damage to their interiors when moving furniture into and out of the building. Contact Signature Strata to arrange the curtains prior to your move.

3. The driveway is not to be used for parking vans.

4. All cardboard boxes are to be either removed (your moving company may provide this service);  completely flattened or cut into small pieces before placing them in the recycling hopper in the rubbish room. See more on rubbish management.

5. Have you registered your pet with the Executive Committee? Please review the pet policy here and complete the application form here, which is to be sent to the Body Corporate Managers.


Contact the Body Corporate Managers: