It’s That Time Again: Garage Floor Cleaning: Wednesday 17 March 2021


Wednesday 17th March 2021

Please be advised that the basement car parks and common driveways of Bridge Point will be cleaned on Wednesday 17th March 2021.

All items including vehicles, motor bikes, and motor scooters, must be removed from the open areas of the basement and common driveways. This also applies to bicycles, boxes, furniture, toys & other goods stored outside a storage cage.

It is anticipated that this work will commence at 8:30am and be concluded by 1:00pm. Accordingly, please ensure that all your items are either stored in your basement storage cage or removed from the basement, and all vehicles are removed from the basement by 8.00am Wednesday 17th March 2021..

Following completion of this work, no items other than vehicles may be stored in the basement outside of the designated storage cages.

Thank you, we appreciate your assistance.

Signature Strata

On behalf of the Owners Corporation of UP3844

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